Healing Songs & Stories for a Changing World...

The healing songs are from John Saxby;

The transformative stories are by Lucia Saxby;

Together they take you on a life-affirming and inspiring journey...

Recordings by John Saxby

Autumn Kiss - Album CoverMemories, Dreams and Incantations
‘I recorded an a cappella version of this album in the early ’90s, which sold well, in a small way, as “healing songs”. The feedback was amazing, in terms of the effect it had on people, which made me realize that I could make it available to a wider audience if I had backing to the songs.

This led to a unique collaboration, with Symbiosis – known for their relaxing and meditative music – and The Dufay Collective, one of the leading exponents of Early Music. The result of which confirmed my belief that these are truly “healing songs”. I hope you find it so.’ John

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With an Angel at the Wheel
‘It was the summer of ’95. I’d been visiting my mum in the north of England (back to my roots) and was driving home when it started. One song after another began to unfold in my head. I was used to inspiration – though nothing like this – so I grabbed my voice recorder and, a few moments later, was hurtling down the motorway, singing spontaneous rock n’ roll at the top of my voice.

And it kept on coming: one song after another. Not complete, but enough – the melody, a couple of verses, the feel of the song and on to the next – and half an hour later I had the basis of this album... May it bring you joy.’

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"John has the voice of an Angel, and these two unusual and joyful CDs are endlessly uplifting and nourishing"
Lady Montagu of Beaulieu: Philanthropist & Student of Metaphysics

"A lovely piece of work... John has a great voice and the song
builds very elegantly"
Michael Doherty: Composer and Orchestrator, about 'Eye of the Heart'

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Stories and Poetry Films by Lucia Saxby

Sophia and Me - Poetry Film by Lucia SaxbyLucia writes stories for all ages that speak to the heart. She has read her stories in local primary and secondary schools and performed them with her husband John at various venues, including the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.

“I love reading to audiences of different ages. What I notice, in particular, is that when someone is really listening there is no difference in the quality of listening between an 11 year old and an adult. That quality permeates the room.”

This New Story - Poetry Film by Lucia SaxbyNew Beginnings:
Endings in our lives are also beginnings, and while letting go is often painful, we may also see these as times of powerful transformation.

Before Time Began:
Imagine yourself standing at the very beginning of time and watching consciousness unfold. How would you see yourself as you are now, against the background of a humanity struggling to work out its destiny?

Standing on the Edge of Miracles:
Our daily life experience is only a part of who we are. Through our imagination, our creative consciousness may expand our sense of ‘self’ beyond the logic of our ordinary lives.

Sophia and Me:
By connecting to a living mythology, instead of accepting ‘truths’ that have been handed down to us, we can, each one of us, write our own story, and call ourselves into being in a whole new way, with deeper and more meaningful connections to the earth and life.

Children’s Stories for Adults:
Lighter pieces, including The Squirrel Who Changed The World and Teddy Comes Down From the Loft, plus other stories children and adults can enjoy together.

"Beautifully put together"
Wanda Whiteley: Founder and Editor-in-Chief, 'Manuscript Doctor'

Sophia and Me - Poetry Film by Lucia Saxby

Sophia and Me - a Poetry Film by Lucia Saxby
(features songs by John Saxby and music by Symbiosis, The Dufay Collective & Maloviere)

"I’m very impressed with the breadth of what you’re trying to achieve in this very ambitious piece. It’s highly original..."
Agnes Meadows: Poet & Host – Loose Muse Women’s Writers’ Night, Poetry Café


Visit Lucia's website: New Dawn

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